Is Nico di Angelo Gay?

House of Hades SPOILERS below cut

Source(s): (x) (x)

Verdict: TRUE

Explanation (27 September 2013):

This rumour started on the same day previews for at least the first nine chapters of the Portuguese version of The House of Hades came out (27 September 2013), and is allegedly proven from an excerpt sourced from the Australian site of Google Books.

However, if you try searching any sentence in the excerpt, there are no pings from Google search. This could of course be because it hasn’t been indexed yet (though it’s unlikely since Google Books database shouldn’t take that long to be indexed by Google Search).

Also, if you key in the web page address found in the second source (the one with the screenshots), you will find the page on Google Books Australia with NO PREVIEW listed.

UPDATE (28 September 2013)

Additional source: (x)

While the method in the new source did not work (I’m starting to worry for Google Search indexing now), if you go to the Portuguese Google Books page of A Casa de Hades (the same page where the nine chapters of preview are available), typing in “Tive uma queda por Percy” (transl: I had a crush on Percy) in the Search Inside field on the left sidebar will bring you to the snippet available in the first source above. If you’re still unconvinced, type in “Cupido”.

There is still a chance that the page was “hacked”, but it looks slim right now.

Conclusion: Nico has a crush on Percy. However, what we don’t know is how Rick will handle this “crush”: whether as a young boy looking up to the older powerful cousin (admiration confused as crush), or as a real and enduring emotion. Remember that Nico is not yet 15, plus he’s such a mixed up kid due to his crappy upbringing that there are many roads this can lead to. So just relax and chill everyone :) It’s not the end of the world if Nico did turn out to be gay. Doesn’t make him any less lovable or BAMF than he already is ;)

(To be honest, I’m more interested in how Hades will handle his son’s possible homosexuality XD OMG is Percy gonna die 100 times over when both Athena and Hades are after his podex XD)

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